Appealing Denied SSDI Claims in Youngstown, OH

Youngstown Attorneys Who Will Help You Appeal a SSDI Claim Denial

Most people who go through the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will get denied the first time, but their chances of approval improves dramatically if they take the time the time to appeal the determination. By appealing, they will have the opportunity to get their case to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, which will give them their best opportunity of getting disability benefits.

Appealing the Denial

If you’ve been denied SSDI benefits, the law firm of Mansmann and Moore, LLP can you assist you in preparing your appeal. We serve clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and our firm understands how to deal with the Social Security Administration and can help guide you through the appeal process.

If your Social Security Disability Insurance application is denied, your next step is not to reapply, but instead to appeal the denial. Surprisingly, most disability claims that are denied are never appealed. This may be because claimants give up on the process because it seems too complicated, or they mistakenly file a brand new claim. Our attorneys will simplify the process and help you file a timely appeal and avoid wasting valuable time by unnecessarily starting the process over again.

As soon as your SSDI claim is denied, you should:

  • Learn why your case was denied by reading your notice of denial from the Social Security Administration
  • Consider hiring an experienced disability lawyer like those at Mansmann and Moore, LLP
  • Contact the Social Security Office and request an appeal

Mansmann and Moore, LLP will provide effective representation and help in appealing your SSDI denial, allowing you to begin receiving benefits as soon as possible. We’ve handled many such claims for clients in Youngstown and throughout the region, and we can help you get the disability benefits you deserve too. DON’T DELAYONLY HAVE SIXTY (60) DAYS TO APPEAL – Call 866-611-3536 TODAY to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.