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If you are a tax-paying citizen of the United States, then you have the right to apply for Social Security and Disability Insurance should you need it. Injuries and age are only a few reasons people require these benefits to help them make ends meet. However, the sheer number of applicants outweigh the number of benefits available. But there is hope. If you applied for benefits and were denied on your Social Security Disability or SSI benefit claim, you should request an appeal immediately, within the 60 day deadline and call the West Virginia Law Offices of Mansmann and Moore, LLP.

Most denied disability claims are not appealed. People seem to either give up because the process seems too timely or complicated, file an appeal after the deadline, or start all over mistakenly by filing a brand new claim. A failure to appeal timely or filing a brand new claim will have the same end result: a loss of all appeal rights and having to wait and start over. By contacting Morgantown’s Mansmann and Moore, LLP you can avoid all of this: we have the experience and skill necessary to get you through the Social Security and Disability claims process in an efficient, effective manner.

The Appeals Process

By going through the social security disability appeals process with the help of Mansmann and Moore, you have the best chance of winning a claim and being awarded benefits. Having a top-rated social security and disability attorney to help you puts the odds in your favor. By putting us to work for you, the Virginia Social Security and Disability attorneys at Mansmann and Moore will take care of everything. The stages of the appeals process are as following:

  1. Reconsideration: Your attorney can submit new evidence and have your case reviewed additionally by the Disability Determination Services (DDS).
  2. Office of Disability and Adjudication Review: After a second denial, your attorney can appeal with an Administrative Law Judge presiding.
  3. Appeals Council: After a third rejection of an SSD application, your attorney has 20 days to file an appeal with the appellate division. If a request for an oral argument is made, a date will be set within 60 days of initial filing.
  4. Federal Court Appeal: After a fourth denial, you have one more chance to appeal: your attorney can file a lawsuit in federal district court.

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We know this is a complex process. The compassionate, aggressive attorneys at Mansmann and Moore, LLP will do everything within the power of the law to make things right for you and get you through the appeals process as seamlessly as possible. Let them help you get the benefits you need and deserve. Call today at their office in Morgantown, West Virginia at (800)-727-4878.