Health Care Professional Disability Denials

Attorneys helping disabled Surgeons, Doctors, Dentists, and Health Care Providers in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania Get the Insurance Benefits They Paid for and Deserve:

Healthcare Worker Disability Denials

PRIVATE DISABILITY INSURANCE FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Remember the early days of your medical or dental practice - going out on your own - renting space and buying equipment - getting your first referral from a fellow physician or dentist? Do you also remember the promises your insurance broker made to you when he sold you PRIVATE DISABILITY INSURANCE in the event you became disabled from your OWN OCCUPATION due to a medical condition? Remember how your insurance broker told you that you had to have this coverage? The promises made to you?

You were promised much of the following:

  1. Disability Benefits you receive if you become disabled will be tax-free, as long as you paid the insurance premiums with after-tax money - sounded good at the time.

  2. The policy will not be tied to your current job - only your OWN OCCUPATION no matter where you ended up working.

  3. If you are a highly skilled, highly paid specialist -- like a neurosurgeon - whose hobbies happened to be that of a professional ocean sailor - or a mountain climber - or fly fisherman - you paid for disability insurance that locks in this exceptional income level of a highly skilled doctor no matter how you became injured and disabled. This more-expensive class of disability policy is called own-occupation coverage. Any-occupation coverage is the more-common -- and less-expensive -- group insurance option. Any-occupation policies require you to take lower-paying jobs in your field, if available, with no insurance payments to make up for any lost income. As a medical professional, you were sold OWN OCCUPATION COVERAGE due to your highly paid position as a skilled medical provider.

  4. COVERAGE DENIED: You had the unfortunate ski accident - car accident - failed back surgery - chronic condition such as MS or Lupus and can't work full-time - - OR, can't work at all - - you go to the insurance company and it says, "NO - NO Disability coverage for YOU - we think you are fine!"

    The decision to deny is usually wrong…it's nuts - but it happens every day to hard working medical professionals. You need legal help to review your situation today!


MANSMANN & MOORE are experienced Disability Lawyers Unafraid to Take on Behemoth Insurance Companies when denied disability benefits…

INSURANCE COMPANIES DO NOT WANT TO PAY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Insurance companies, trying to maximize their profits, sometimes attempt to circumvent their contractual obligations in paying people who are entitled to long-term benefits. Insurance companies can discourage a disabled person with a battery of attorneys and experts that can be downright intimidating in claiming benefits- unless you have experienced legal counsel on your side.

Attorney Francis M. Moore, has personally HANDLED over one hundred Health Care Professional Private Disability Insurance cases against insurance companies in disputes involving denial of benefits under long-term disability policies, both ERISA and non-ERISA. He has personally assisted doctors from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia get the monetary benefits they paid for from their insurers. Disability insurance companies are finding that policies that they wrote years ago, promising to take care of you if you couldn't do your job are becoming very expensive for them - the insurers will do anything to deny coverage to you in your time of need. We have handled cases against Unum, Hartford, MetLife, Prudential, LINA, Cigna, SAMBA, Liberty Life of Boston, Sun Life and North Western Mutual Life and many other insurance companies.


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