Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

*Here are some of our verdicts and settlements:

  • ERISA disability settlement – 38 year old dentist disabled from an ATV accident. The issue under the insurance contract was whether our client could perform after he had extensive medical treatment and surgeries to correct his orthopedic injuries. After extensive litigation a very significant lump sum settlement was reached with the insurance company. Confidential. Cleveland, OH.
  • $224,000.00 – ERISA disability settlement – 46 year R.N. sustained serious back injuries at work and then aggravated the lumbar condition in a car accident. $224,000.00 lump sum settlement. Central Pennsylvania.
  • $395,000.00 ERISA disability settlement – Power plant engineer suffered from chronic and severe cardiovascular ailments. The issue at trial was conversion from “own occupation” to “any occupation” after 24 months of paid benefits. Mansmann & Moore, LLP proved total disability and the contract was bought out by the insurance company to settle the case. Erie, PA.
  • $895,000.00 settlement for a serious motor vehicle accident that occurred on I-79 south bound in Greene County, PA. The driver was a union electrician nearing retirement age at the time of the accident. West Virginia.
    International Uninsured Motorist case – Confidential settlement. Tragic case of a U.S. college student traveling in Europe when struck by a motor vehicle while walking on a sidewalk. The negligent driver was uninsured. Mansmann & Moore, LLP was retained by the Estate of the Student after several other law firms declined to take on the behemoth insurance company. M&M initiated a claim based upon the US based MVA insurance policy for UIM (uninsured) benefits – the insurance company denied coverage for the European based accident. After a court case the insurance company agreed to pay a significant settlement to avoid further liability.
  • $495,000.00 private disability insurance settlement – Business executive sustained serious femur injuries in a snow skiing accident. A dispute arose as to whether he could return to his “own occupation” as defined by the insurance policy. Mansmann & Moore, LLP sued the insurer in State Court for Bad Faith and Breach of Contract. The case settled before trial.
    Nursing Home settlement – Confidential: bed sore case – Our client went into the hospital following a heart attack. During his 12 day stay the hospital never moved him or exercised proper treatment standards to avoid bed sores. The bed sores were severe and infection was to the raw muscle and hip bone which required multiple surgeries to repair and correct. Case settled before trial. Ohio.
  • $795,000.00 settlement –Allegheny PA: Car accident with disputed liability. After significant expert testimony Mansmann & Moore, LLP were able to negotiate a settlement for its client in a case that was disputed from the very outset.
  • $550,000 settlement for work related accident wherein a wire cable failed resulting in serious bodily injury to our client. A third party case against another subcontractor was filed and eventually settled. Venue: Westmoreland County, PA.
  • $1,250,000.00 settlement for severe auto case involving a construction zone in rural West Virginia.
  • ERISA disability lump settlement – 54 year old Neurosurgeon disabled from failed back operation. Confidential. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • >ERISA disability lump sum settlement – 47 year old Pharmacist disabled from vascular condition. Confidential. Columbus, OH.
  • $1.2 million dollar settlement for a wrongful death action involving a serious accident that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $725,000.00 settlement from a construction site accident. Oil and gas site wherein a delivery truck accidentally struck a skid loader driven by our client causing serious injuries.
  • $1.0 million dollar settlement for the negligent misrepresentation of a food product. The food product contained seafood which was improperly labeled which then resulted in an acute allergic reaction in decedent-plaintiff. The case settled for the insurer’s policy limits prior to trial. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $275,000 settlement for an Underinsured Motorist Claim. M&M became involved after the minor’s parents had obtained a settlement of policy limits of the underlying bodily injury coverage.
  • Confidential Settlement: Civil Rights case involving excessive force wherein a police officer fired upon and killed plaintiff-decedent. Case settled before trial. Venue: Case filed in United Stated District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania.
  • Confidential Settlement: Civil Rights case involving excessive force by a police official on a prisoner in handcuffs. The case stemmed from officers speaking out about the case and then being subjected to discipline in violation of the First Amendment. Venue: Case filed in United Stated District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania.
  • Confidential Settlement: Plaintiff struck by Norfolk Southern train in an area where pedestrians regularly cross the railroad tracks. Plaintiff lost his left leg. Case settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $750,000.00 settlement for a product liability case wherein an airbag failed to deploy thereby causing serious bodily injury to plaintiff. The case settled pre-litigation. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $225,000.00 settlement for a minor plaintiff who was seriously burned with gasoline while being supervised by a third party. The action was a negligent supervision claim which was settled by the defendant’s home owner’s insurer.
  • $1,715,167.00 million dollar verdict for pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle while nearing his postal box. Our client lost his right leg in the accident. The verdict was rendered in after trial. Venue: Fayette County, PA.
  • $1,942,700.00 million dollar verdict for a pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle while changing a tire on the berm of the road. Venue: Washington County, PA.
  • $700,000 Settlement for a pedestrian struck by a van. Venue: Washington County, PA.
  • $250,000 Settlement for an injured client who as a passenger in a car. Settlement totaled both liability and underinsured motorist benefits. Case settled just prior to trial. Venue: Carroll County, Ohio.
  • $140,000 Settlement for a retired woman who was injured when her chair collapsed at a college commencement ceremony. Case settled prior to trial: Venue: Armstrong County, PA.
  • $100,000 policy limits settlement after long contentious pre-trial discovery period wherein a driver struck our client while under the influence of “Ecstasy”.
  • $250,000 underinsured settlement of policy limits prior to trial for an auto accident. Venue: Washington County, PA.
  • $1,842,000 million dollar verdict for a wrongful death accident that occurred in Texas. All parties were sued in federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania. The verdict was rendered after trial. Venue: Western District of Pennsylvania, Federal Court.
  • $660,000 verdict in an Underinsured Motorist Arbitration case. Client was involved in an accident which resulted in a significant wage loss which was the subject of the litigation. Venue: Westmoreland County.
  • Confidential Settlement wherein an elderly couple living in HUD housing were forced to use their gas powered oven to provide heat due to chronic heating failures at their building. The couple sustained serious injuries because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The case settled prior to trial. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $142,500 settlement for chair collapse at a restaurant. Chair collapsed on client and he sustained various fractures and back injuries. Case settled prior to trial. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • $800,000 settlement regarding a disputed liability case involving the issue of whether brakes were operating correctly in defendant's truck. Client was rear-ended and sustained critical injuries. Venue: Allegheny County, PA.
  • ERISA/LONG-TERM DISABILITY SETTLEMENTS: Mansmann and Moore regularly files suit for clients in Federal Court to enforce ERISA – LTD policies. The cases typically are either litigated before the court on legal issues or are settled via a lump sum. All lump sum settlements have been confidential and thus cannot be listed herein. Settlements range from $20,000 to well in excess of $100,000.00 and most settle before trial in the Federal District Courts.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY APPEALS: Mansmann and Moore has tried hundreds of Social Security Disability cases from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia before the Office of Hearings and Appeals. Our attorneys have successfully tried hundreds of cases before administrative law judges wherein our clients have been awarded their benefits with our assistance.